• Tui Atua Tupua Tamasese Efi Building, Apia, SAMOA
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Policy Development, Formulation and Review

policy division 11

The Policy and Research Division's core function is to review and recommend legislation amendments and to develop the Government's policy for the Communication Sector.

Policy and Research Division includes the transparent process of:

  • Reviewing
  • Consulting
  • Researching
  • Collating and analyzing policy issues to provide advice in the Communication Sector (including telecommunications; postal; broadcasting and Information Communication Technology (ICT).
  • Writing policy advice and Government Policy Statements on, new and/or existing Government policies, new and/or existing legislation(s) in the Communication Sector.

The division publically promotes awareness of these new policies and legislations through press releases and workshops held throughout the country to ensure all people living in Samoa are aware and up-to-date with communications developments in Samoa. The division also represents Samoa in International conferences on communications each year.

To read our policies, legislation relating to communications and reports, please look at the publications section of our site.

Spectrum Management, Licensing and Monitoring Unit has now has  been established as Office of the Regulator, independent from MCIT. Please access their website for further information and regulatory services www.regulator.gov.ws.

Consultations and Policy Awareness raising is conducted through workshops throughout Samoa, including Apia and rural areas. In 2008 universal Access awareness raising was a key topic.

National Radio 2AP - 540AM

National Radio 2AP has been serving Samoa since 1947 as the first public broadcasting station established in Samoa’s history. In 2008 2AP came under the responsibility of MCIT. The Government of Samoa sees National Radio 2AP as “The Voice of the Nation,” it is the key source for information on emergency warnings, official messages and a platform from which to promote Samoan culture and tradition.