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Rural Connectivity Program

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Originally in 2006, 12 Feso'ota'i Centres were established around the country in Upolu, Savaii and Manono as part of the Universal Access objective outlined in the 2004 - 2009 National ICT Strategy. The community run centres, give Samoans access to, awareness of and skills in ICT. Located in villages where many people have never seen a computer before, help and training is offered to people who are unfamiliar with new technology.

“Affordable and Reliable ICT for All,” Feso’ota’i Centres make ICT available for people to keep in touch and up-to-date with the latest technologies in the world. Fair prices and a variety of services including, internet, passport photos, family and group photos, colour printing, copying, scanning, phone, fax, webcam, projector hire and CD duplication give people access to a variety of services they previously would have had to travel to the capital for.

To date there are four (4) centres in Savaii at Vailoa (Palauli), Sagone, Auala and Safune. In Upolu five (5) centres are located at Fuailolo'o, Salepoua'e, Gagaifolevao (Lefaga), Saoluafata and Poutasi. The tsunami of 2009 destroyed the centre on Manono Island as well as the solar powered one in Ulutogia.

In addition we provide technical support to an MWCSD project at Fagafau village in Savaii as well as an APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunity) initiative at the Salelologa library, Pu'apu'a Primary School and Saina Primary School.

get connected

The project is sponsored by numerous donors including, Government of Samoa, ITU (International Telecommunications Union), UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), VIA Technology and APT (Asia Pacific Telecommunications). However, the centres aim to become sustainable and independent businesses over time. Solar power pilot initiatives have been successful and future developments include establishing an administrator training centre in Savaii, pilot broadband connection and increasing the number of centres available.

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National Radio 2AP - 540AM

National Radio 2AP has been serving Samoa since 1947 as the first public broadcasting station established in Samoa’s history. In 2008 2AP came under the responsibility of MCIT. The Government of Samoa sees National Radio 2AP as “The Voice of the Nation,” it is the key source for information on emergency warnings, official messages and a platform from which to promote Samoan culture and tradition.