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World Bank Telecommunications and Postal Sector Reform Project

Key Elements
The Communications sector has been stagnant for years, hindered by the lack of adequate sector policy and regulation. Realizing this unhealthy communication environment which has limited competition and detained economic growth, the Government was committed to implementing a telecom sector reform, with the key elements of:

  • Increase competition
  • Strengthen regulatory capacity
  • Expand rural access
  • Privatization – telco service provider

Main Components
The Government’s commitment to sector reform saw the approval of the World Bank Telecommunications and Postal Sector Reform Project in December 18, 2002, with its main components being:

  • Competition
  • Regulatory
  • Samoatel Privatization
  • Postal Sector Reform
  • Project Management

The achievements of the project are tremendous and a few of them to date are:

  • National Communication Sector Policy 2003 revised 2005
  • Telecommunication Act 2005 with Amendments 2007 and 2008
  • Regulatory policy amended and Office of Regulator as an independent body.
  • Relevant Short-Term Regulation
  • Mobile Service Providers
  • Broadcasting Bill
  • Huge price reduction in telephone services
  • 95% Telephone coverage
  • Internet and Email Policy
National Radio 2AP - 540AM

National Radio 2AP has been serving Samoa since 1947 as the first public broadcasting station established in Samoa’s history. In 2008 2AP came under the responsibility of MCIT. The Government of Samoa sees National Radio 2AP as “The Voice of the Nation,” it is the key source for information on emergency warnings, official messages and a platform from which to promote Samoan culture and tradition.